About Us

V Group Nepal ( A Leading Business Hub)

V Group Nepal is a group of start-ups with the theme of ‘we believe in team work’. It was initiated in 2008 and redefined and reformed in 2018 AD by the group of 8 start-ups. Start-ups usually need to form partnership with other firm to enable their business model to operate. Group have the aims to provide mentoring, collaboration, funding, meet ups, and networking to the group member by creating a community of startups. Group member get direct benefits by being member, they can minimize their promotional costs, R&D costs and other costs during the time and their sales and profit will get upward direction. We are planning to establish and develop our network in most of the cities of Nepal with in 2030.

About Us
V Group Nepal is the widest community of entrepreneurs; where entrepreneurs come together to learn, share and grow. The objective of the group is to ensure that startups and those who support the startup ecosystem can converge and engage with one another resulting in the benefit of both. V Group Nepal is present in Bharatpur. We organize meetings twice a month. Our meetups are focused on early stage startups and help them learn the essentials for building and growing their businesses. We are planning to establish and develop our network in most of the cities of Nepal with in 2030.

How We Started?
V Group Nepal didn’t start as a company, but as a hobby. In early 2011, Bipin kandel, Sujan pathak, and Kamal pandey, the early founders decided to create a meetup group in college (NIST) Kathmandu, with the mission to encourage college students (colleagues) to unite. Later on 2018 A.D .V Group Nepal is redefined and reformed with the core member of Bipin kandel , Santosh kandel , Krishna Hari Kandel, Bimal Poudel, Bijaya Kharel, Subash Subedi, Madhav Neupane with the mission to encourage and enable early stage startups. Within a month of re formation V Group Nepal conducted monthly meetings in Bharatpur. Group grew to over 10 members during one month and assists over 10 startups, on an ongoing basis through one-to-one mentoring support, connecting them with potential investors and supporting them in structuring marketing and sales strategy. The Group has a strong association with its members, as well as alliance with others organizations.

Today, many entrepreneurs use Group as a growth hacking platform for their startups. V Group Nepal uses Meet ups to engage with these entrepreneurs and continue to have meet ups in various cities to enable engagement and growth.

Our Activities

We provide in-depth mentoring, as a service to early stage startups to help them achieve clarity of vision and direction. We also help them understand the intricacies of various business models and act as their sounding board. We support them to go from idea stage to a business that is ready to grow.

Innovation is the key to success for both startups and corporate. Startups can only grow through the organized promotion and supports. V Group Nepal engages with corporate and Startups since working with large corporations can be an important step for startups to gain validation and to scale their operations. We bring together startups, universities and enterprises to empower startups for mutually beneficial growth.

We give wings to aspiring & innovating ideas. We connect investors and help startups accelerate their growth. V Group Nepal aims to hand hold early stage entrepreneurs by offering incubation and acceleration program along with investments. Group member also collect small amount in monthly basis and can invest in other business or lend to group member in nominal interest rate.

Meet Engage, Interact and Collaborate with an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, partners throughout the country. This helps nurture, nourish and empower emerging startups. The monthly meetings give our members an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who are part of the community and learn. A perfect place to test your networking skills and build connections.

The Community is designed to educate, empower, inspire and connect entrepreneurs. A community isn’t just a set of email IDs and phone numbers, a community is about having trusted and loyal co-members, who would be ready to collaborate, adopt and explore each other’s offerings making the early stage customer acquisition a much easier process.

We bring the 5 types of focused consultancy services, connectivity and we share the responsibility of securing a small portion of accidental insurance and security of your family. Entrepreneurs choose to take a challenging life for themselves, but, why must their families not be secured? V Group Nepal thinks ahead for all its entrepreneurs, as we are a FAMILY for them..